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The Lion & The Lamb Art Composition

The Lion has become the Earth, the Lamb, gentle birds and deer are enjoying the reward of comfort

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth

I remembered that phrase often during the past few weeks while watching the Black Lives Matter protests. Seeing people who were fighting against 400 years of oppression, who were facing violence from the police and Government in response, kept sending that through my mind. Because I know, this will end, and change will happen.

While I am not religious I am spiritual and I really feel the power of God in the world. So using religious symbology is natural for me. This art composition represents my feelings for those who are being oppressed by a powerful and corrupt system.

One day may be far away but it isn’t just an art print. This is a representation of the real future, where those who have been oppressed and abused for generations will finally be able to experience the fully glory of the Earth.

Thanks for reading, Angie Rae

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